The Scourge of Diabetes

In the modern world of fast paced living it is no wonder that diabetes is the most common disease of this century. Unlike the flu or glandular fever, diabetes shows no early outward signs of being present at all and many people live with diabetes for years before recognizing the symptoms. As we learn more [...]

Physical Activity For Diabetics

There is a common misconception that diabetes patients should not do exercise. This probably stems from the common practice of letting people suffering from an illness rest as opposed to having them stay active. This is a diabetes myth. Exercise is an important part of a diabetic’s treatment plan and can spell the difference between [...]

Cinnamon And Diabetes

The smell of cinnamon probably reminds you of Christmas day or a hearty dessert—neither one is an occasion that spells good blood sugar control. Yet cinnamon has been making some noise for potentially being a complementary and alternative treatment for people with diabetes. Is there any truth to this claim or like many other claims, [...]

Hearing Loss And The Diabetic

According to studies funded in 2008 by the National Institutes of health, people who suffer from diabetes have a higher chance of suffering from hearing loss compared to healthier individuals. Hearing tests were given to a number of adults in the United States which measured the participants’ ability to recognize low, mid and high frequency [...]

Tooth And Gum Care For The Diabetic

There are many parts of the body that can be affected by diabetes and the teeth and gums are no exception. Oral infections, salivary problems, and periodontal problems are more prevalent in people with diabetes than those without. So why do these conditions occur more in diabetics than in healthier individuals? Let us first look [...]

Plaque, Gingivitis and Other Dental Matters For The Diabetic

Gum disease is common among all people who have teeth, and plaque naturally forms in everyone’s mouths. It is estimated that half of all adults with teeth suffer from some form of gum disease, but just because it’s so common doesn’t mean that it should be taken lightly. Plaque is an accumulation of bacteria on [...]

Dealing With The Myths That Surround Diabetes

  Many people are affected by diabetes however for the many people who are not affected by it diabetes is a disease that is not very well understood. The common knowledge is that it has to do with high blood sugar and this is true; but much of the other ‘knowledge’ associated with diabetes is [...]

Surgery For The Diabetic

Having surgery is daunting enough without having to deal with diabetes. Diabetics often face higher chances of complications from surgery compared to the normal individual because of the nature of the disease. There are however steps to help bring the risk of complications down for the diabetic who is about to undergo surgery. Some complications [...]

Living With Diabetes

Having diabetes by no means dooms you to a sad, sickly life. Diabetes is a chronic condition which can be controlled with proper management. The game’s goal is to control your blood sugar levels as best as possible to live a normal life as best as you can, and to keep more serious complications at [...]

How Insulin Is Administered

Insulin therapy is essential for many diabetes patients. While not all diabetics will need regular treatments of insulin, most will need some sort of insulin treatment at some point while they’re managing their condition. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes, and type 2 or non-insulin dependent diabetes. Type 1 [...]

Diabetes And Cystic Fibrosis

There is a certain type of diabetes that is unique to people suffering from cystic fibrosis called CFRD or cystic fibrosis related diabetes. Cystic fibrosis is a disease affecting the cells responsible for producing sweat, mucus and digestive juices. In people with cystic fibrosis, the secretions from the glands are thick and sticky instead of [...]